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13th Annual
Progressive Dinner

Saturday, May 10th

RSVP due by April 16!


The neighborhood surrounding Lasell College in Newton is a beautiful, desirable place in which to live. Located in the village of Auburndale (part of Newton), just minutes away from the Mass Pike and Route 128, this residential neighborhood is home to some of the country’s finest architecture and is one of our oldest suburbs.

The Lasell Neighborhood Association is a volunteer organization of neighbors who wish to have a voice in shaping development and improving the quality of life and character of our neighborhood.

This web site is designed to:
• Give you a feel for the history, character, and flavor of our neighborhood;
• Link you to other important resources in the City and the Commonwealth;
• Keep you informed about current developments in the Lasell Neighborhood;
• Assist you in taking part in our activities.

LNA 13th Annual Progressive Dinner

The Lasell Neighborhood Association will hold its 13th Annual Progressive Dinner on Saturday May 10, 2014. Everyone contributes to making this spectacular neighborhood evening by hosting appetizers, dinner, co-hosting at either, or bringing wine or dessert. We try to maximize opportunities to meet your neighbors with the least amount of preparation time for all involved. Your team will be assigned to one house for appetizers, a different one for dinner and everyone will gather at one house for dessert and coffee. It is a great way to meet neighbors and learn more about our neighborhood!

Follow this link for the sign-up sheet.

RSVPs Are Due By April 16!!

If you have any questions, please email LNADinner@gmail.com or call Bridget Reischer at 617-527-7272.

Riverside Station Development Project

For information on the project, this report, and how to comment, visit http://riversidestation.info/

The MBTA has leased a portion of the Riverside T station property to BH Normandy Riverside LLC. There will be a number of community forums held to inform the neighborhoods of the process, proposals, and status of this project.

Initial proposals circulated by the developer to the community call for 12 buiildings, six of which range from 5 to 13 stories, containing almost 900,000 square feet of office and residential space, plus over 2600 parking spaces.

This is a major development and will have significant impact on our neighborhoods.

The Lasell Neighborhood Association, Lower Falls Improvement Association, and Auburndale Community Association have joined together to form the Riverside Station Neighborhood Coalition. This group will be working to represent the community, to advocate for you, and to keep you informed about this project.

To volunteer now, ask questions or get a copy of the current site plan and other documents, please visit http://www.riversidestation.info/. To join our mailing list, write to us at RiversideNeighbors@gmail.com.

      Lasell Neighborhood Association